12/28 Never Mind the 90's

Sounds Like: Green Day, Third Eye Blind, Sublime, Nirvana, Rage Against the Machine

Bio: Nevermind The 90s is a professional 90s pop, rock, and alternative cover band. We perform often, so check out our schedule and come see us sometime soon!

12/22 - 12/23 Raygunomics

The Raygunomics were formed in August of 2008 to bring a new voice to great 80′s-era music (and now going beyond the 80′s!!!). The members bring a TON of original band experience to the group, as well as the professionalism and work-ethic of a veteran project. Their goal is to play and entertain, sharing a love for all the popular music they listened to (and were influenced by) growing up, including all of your favorites as well as those “rare gems” the retro radio shows and DJs seem to forget!

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12/29 FinalEyes

FINALEYES is not just a band! We are a high energy live music show that plays the biggest dance party hits made to fill the dance floor. FINALEYES brings you the beat of today's hottest hits, 80's rock, and timeless classics. FINALEYES is what you get when you combine the music and live energy with a full night of entertainment you will never forget. FINALEYES will arouse your senses with outstanding musicianship, excellent vocals and harmonies that will blow your mind.

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