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Jim Jane sheildsIn 1954 Duke and Lucile Smith brought forth upon this site the Loveland Pass Bar, Lounge and Restaurant, offering food and liquid refreshment to weary travelers and steadfast locals. The Duke, betting on the odds that a satisfied patron will always return, employed the legendary culinary skills of Christopher the Greek.

Indeed, word of the delectable treats from the Greek spread. Railroad folks from Keystone, pipeline people horn the Roberts/Eisenhower Tunnel projects, and old miners from Anywhere, U.S.A., crowded the bar and restaurant. When Irving and Betty Phelps front Sioux Fats, South Dakota, visited the Loveland Pass Bar, Lounge and Restaurant, they were overwhelmed by the boisterous Loveland night life. South Dakota couldn’t hold a candle to this kind of place, so the Phelps simply bought the place for themselves. Irv became known for his love of mountain madness and outrageous parties. Until his untimely death in 1974, the "LP. Bar" was known as one of the "highest" saloons in the continental U.S of A. In that same year a gentlemen named Jerry Jones re-named it the Snake River adding some class to Keystone valley. (Continues below)

The Story Continues

It wasn't long after that the magic touch of Texas honcho Mickey Smith started our current history of success, serving home cooked food, and specialties like grasshopper pie. Jim Shields and Bob Starekow took charge in 1976. Bob added his restaurant skills, which greatly influenced the Snake. The way Bob saw it was, “It’s a tough job but someone's got to have fun.” Good judgment and constant support by a few people from Fort Collins, has helped us through the years. A special thanks to Doug and Molly Murray. Today, the tradition continues with Jim and Jane Shields, and that loyal staff.

Just for the record, we the undersigned would like to make one thing perfectly clear. We are dedicated to the proposition that all restaurants are not created equal. We want the Snake River Saloon be superlative... an experience memories are made of ...Your hosts, Jim & Jane Shields and Carol B. Peoples welcome you.

Our Team

Our Amazing team with a passion for food and fun.




Assistant Manager

Carol B. Peoples (on right)

Assistant Manager


Billy Kringle


Hours of Operation

Takeout TO-GO: 4pm to 9pm
Restaurant: Closed
Bar: Closed
Happy Hour: Closed

About Us

Since 1975 the Snake River Saloon & Steakhouse has been offering the best in food and live entertainment to weary travelers and steadfast locals. Come and see what makes us so special.