Adam C., Denver, CO

As a former Keystone resident and barfly extraordinaire, I can say without question that this small, hidden gem is truly 'as good as it gets.' The staff and owners of Summit County's finest saloon and restaurant are an incredible testament to what the high life can truly conjure from the soul, between the Rockies and a hard place. Life isn't easy at nine-thousand feet, but it sure is worth every bit of toil. At the end of any day, winter or summer, working or playing, The Snake will charm you with it's real ski-town personality.
I will forever be a lifelong fan, remembering good nights and great nights of drinking, dancing, and general merriment. If you're lucky to catch the elusive spirits of the mountain gods on your way through paradise, you'll find everything you need in this one place. Though small, its heart is big enough for everyone.
Be sure to check out the live music on Fridays and Saturdays, not to mention the special treat on Sunday night's bluesy cool-down.
All that, and I haven't even mentioned the food yet! Eat before 9:30 and you'll have a warm, cozy, and even romantic setting for dinner. Later, you can get cover-free access to the night's jams. You'll pay upwards of $50/plate at any of the other restaurants in the area for what you'll get below $25 here. Complete with prime cuts of meat and fish, enjoy vegetarian and wide array of choices complete with wine and a smile. This alpine, wholesome and top quality food will keep you going on an all-day Outback excursion, or put you in contentment after drinking your way through the misery of gaping your way down Schoolmarm. Either way, you'll be welcome and well cared for.
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OPEN 7 Days a Week
DINING ROOM: 5:00 to 9:30pm
BAR: 4:00 pm to CLOSE